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Factory Unlock Worldwide iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

With our Worldwide iPhone 4s/ 4 Unlock service we can unlock your device for any network in the world even if you don’t know on which carrier your phone is locked to. We perform the unlock in Apple’s database and in order to do so we require your IMEI number.  When you click the Unlock Now button you enter the 15 digit IMEI ode and proceed with making a payment.

We guarantee that this unlock is permanent and works on every carrier in the world, with any SIM card and on any iOS.


First, you must find your IMEI: go to SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> ABOUT and there it is.

Next, you enter this IMEI code in the field provided after you have pressed Unlock Now, then you make a payment and check your email. We will send you a couple of emails informing you about the unlock process. In the first email we inform you the process is in progress and in the second email we recommend that you connect your iPhone via iTunes and restore and backup your device. In case you don’t receive an email please contact us.

After these few easy steps your iPhone will we be factory unlocked forever.

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  1. Thank you for unlock my Softbank iPhone 5. I use it now in Brazil. Thanks!

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