How to remove Find my iPhone on your device

You have iPhone 5, 4s, 4, 5s, 5c and is activated on iCloud. This activations is make big problems to set your iPhone in first activations if factory unlocked or you like to make update on your iOS 7. To remove Find my iPhone activations is very easy to make. If you buy your iPhone from eBay or on the street and don’t know your original iCloud or Apple id in this tutorial not is possible to help you. We work to find solutions how to resolve this problem. Please stay connected on our web service on Facebook, Google +, Twetter and YouTube.

How to Remove Find my iPhone app with iCloud

To remove Find iPhone app go on this link and see bellow instructions how to make this steps.

iCloud ID

Step 1. Go on te Page and enter here your Apple ID and password.

Select Find My iPhone

Step 2. Here select the app Find My iPhone on this page.

Select iPhone model

Step 3. Now click all devices and select your iPhone device from the list.

Devices list

Step 4. Now go back to the Devices list and here please click the cross next to your iPhone device.

Remove iPhone

Step 5. Now here remove your iPhone. Click Remove.

Removed Find My iPhone

Step 6. Now is removed your app Find My iPhone. You must do not switch the device back on.

This is all steps how to remove Find my iPhone app from your iPhone. How to remove Apple ID on your iPhone or iCloud ID will post on next tutorial.

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