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Official iPhone IMEI Check Carrier Service

If you are an owner of iPhone but you are unsure of your iPhone status then you can use our simple IMEI checker tool to find out whether it is Clean, Blocked or Blacklisted. Moreover with our service you can find out also about your iPhone network operator of activation, whether your device is still under warranty and we can also provide SIM details using only the IMEI code. In most countries when you buy an iPhone it usually is locked to some specific GSM operator which offers you the device at low price but oblige you to minimum 2 years contract with them. With our service you can check all the necessary details if you are intending to try to unlock your device and it only requires your IMEI code.

Which iPhone Models are Supported for IMEI Check

Our service is not limited to certain models but it supports almost any iPhone model on any iOS system and broadband. Once you factory unlock your iPhone it will not be restricted to only one GSM network use but you will be free to decide which operator you  want to use even if you travel abroad.

How to use iPhone IMEI Checker

Our service is very easy to use and it only requires from you to do the following:

  • Check your unique IMEI code by either going to Settings-General-About or type *#06#.
  • Make an order for our iPhone IMEI Checker and write down your IMEI code along with your email address.
  • Using PayPal finish the transaction. We will notify you after 5-10 min once the transaction is complete.

Our iPhone IMEI Checker service will check for your iPhone memory size, Carrier, country of origin, serial number, unlock status, warranty and many other features.

Note before you start the IMEI unlock process, select the right carrier, country and device model. Then provide your IMEI code and wait for the unlock to be completed.

If you have questions or you need customer support about iPhone IMEI checker contact us at any time 24/7.

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19 reviews for iPhone IMEI Checker – Carrier & Simlock

  1. Thanks for your chicking. you get me full info for my iPhone. thanks

    5 out of 0 - 5
  2. Do you Unlock AT&T iPhone 5?

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  3. Hats off to wheover wrote this up and posted it.

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  4. Thanks this is very fast and best service, I know my carrier now:

    IMEI : 012754009067792
    Part Description : IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK
    Product Version : 6.1.3
    Coverage Status : Out of Warranty
    Coverage End Date :
    First Unbrick Date : 2011-06-14
    Last Unbrick Date : 2012-03-21
    CTN :
    Carrier : TMeteorele – Ireland IRL
    Lock Status : Locked

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  5. How long time is wait for this service please help me, thanks

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  6. / (verified owner)

    For this service the time is 1-3h not more. Thanks

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  7. Thanks bro , this service is to fast and good. This is my imei

    IMEI : 013406002965584
    Part Description : IPHONE 5 16GB WHITE
    Product Version : 6.1.4
    Coverage Status : Limited Warranty
    Coverage End Date : 2013-11-14
    First Unbrick Date : 2012-11-16
    Last Unbrick Date : 2013-06-17
    CTN :
    Carrier : Vodafone – United Kingdom
    Lock Status : Unlocked

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  8. And I use this service is very good and work, is give me all info for my iphone 5

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  9. / (verified owner)

    I bought this check and I just get a email saying order completed but no information any help please

    3 out of 0 - 5
  10. / (verified owner)

    hi sir
    we send your info in your mail, after 2 days.

    This is the onfo for your iemi.

    IMEI: 013415009846499
    CTN: 46734303023
    iOS: 6.1.4
    MAC Address: F4F15AB9406D
    ICCID: 89460846207000312420
    Last Restored: 2013-02-25
    Network Unlocked: False
    Activation Status: Yes
    Activation Date: 2013-02-25
    Activated Carrier: Telenor – Sweden SWE
    Original Carrier: Sweden Telenor
    Applied Policy Id: 225 – Sweden Telenor
    Next Policy Id: 225 – Sweden Telenor
    (PH) Telephone Technical Support: No phone support (Expired)
    (HW) Repairs & Service Coverage: Limited Warranty (Active)
    HWStarted On: 2013-02-25
    HWEnding On: 2014-02-24
    HWDays Left: 209 days.
    If have some questions please contact us .


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  11. / (verified owner)

    Thanks for the reply can u tell me when I will be able to unlock the iPhone 5 thanks for your help

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  12. / (verified owner)

    hi sir
    this service for this carrier not is available in he moment, when be available we will contact you via mail. please stay connect via our site.


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  13. / (verified owner)

    Hi how long does it take to receive the carrier info? And how will I receive it?

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  14. / (verified owner)

    Hi I just purchased the check carrier…..And I was wondering how I would receive the carrier info and approx. how long it would take. Absalom,

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  15. / (verified owner)

    IMEI: 012421004971283
    SERIAL: 5K043992A4S
    iOS: 6.1.3
    MAC Address: DC2B611575B6
    ICCID: 89014104243585286665
    Last Restored: 2013-07-29
    Network Unlocked: False
    Activation Status: Yes
    Activation Date: 2010-11-11
    Activated Carrier: AT&T – United States USA
    Original Carrier: AT&T – USA
    Applied Policy Id: 52 – US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Service Policy
    Next Policy Id: 10 – US AT&T
    (PH) Telephone Technical Support: No phone support (Expired)
    (HW) Repairs & Service Coverage: Out of Warranty (Expired)

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  16. / (verified owner)

    for carrier check is 4-6h


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  17. iphone 5 .imei chek for factory unlock 990002745211761

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  18. / (verified owner)

    hi sir
    WE like to tell to you and for all is have CDMA iPhones to know that not is possible to be unlocked. For CDMA not have service in all world. Only after 2 years to go in the company where you buy they to unlock. WE hope help you.


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  19. 012542004515877

    5 out of 0 - 5
  20. / (verified owner)

    I purchased the carrier checker, and I wish I could get the info ASAP. Thank You

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  21. / (verified owner)

    Model: IPHONE 5 16GB WHITE
    IMEI: 013621003430327
    Serial: F2RKMS2CDTWF
    Wireless MAC Address: 881FA1B66C75
    Bluetooth MAC Address: 88:1F:A1:B6:6C:76
    ICCID: 89460846206000076738
    Ios Version: 7.0.6
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    First Unbrick Date: 06/25/13
    Last Unbrick Date: 06/25/13
    Unbricked: true
    Unlocked: false
    Coverage Start: 25/06/13
    Coverage End: 24/06/14
    Registration Date: 25/06/13
    Purchase Date: 25/06/13
    Purchase Country: Sweden
    Original Carrier: Sweden Telenor.
    Initial Activation Policy Description: 225 – Sweden Telenor.
    Applied Activation Policy Description: 225 – Sweden Telenor.
    Next Tether Activation Policy Description: 225 – Sweden Telenor.
    Sim-Lock Status: Locked

    The IMEI number you provided is blocked.

    Does this mean i can unlock my phone?

    5 out of 0 - 5
  22. / (verified owner)

    Sory sir, This imei code not is possible to be Unlocked on telenor Sweden. This is Blocked imei. Stolen. For telenor Sweden is possible only clean imei to be Unlocked.


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  23. / (verified owner)

    IMEI: 013428007660861
    Serial: DQGKF5BWDTTP
    Model: IPHONE 5,WHITE,16GB,GSM
    MAC: EC:35:86:76:1C:D2
    ICCID: 89014103255576666011
    iOS Version: 7.0.4
    Activation Status: Yes
    Unbricked: true
    Unlocked: false
    First Unbricked Date: 2013-04-14
    Last Unbricked Date: 2013-04-14
    Initial Activation Policy: 52 – US GSM Service Policy
    Applied Activation Policy: 52 – US GSM Service Policy
    Next Tether Policy (Carrier): 23 – US AT&T Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Activation Policy
    Carrier: AT&T USA
    Sim Lock: Locked
    can this iphone be unlock?

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  24. / (verified owner)

    yes is possible to be unlocked on this link: http://www.imeiunlockpro.com/shop/unlock-iphone-5-att-imei-network/ if have any questions please replay on this mail. Thanks

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  25. i bought this carrier check product but dint get the details of my phone. i just got an email saying ur order is completed and nothing else.
    my imei no. is- 357998050242530
    what is the issue? its been more than a week that i bought it.

    1 out of 0 - 5
  26. / (verified owner)

    hi sir
    sory for this situations, but you send wrong imei to us, and we contact you via maill but you not respond to us. This is your personal info for your IMEI bellow:

    IMEI: 357998050242530
    Serial: C38L9HCMFFG8
    Model: IPHONE 5S 16GB GRAY
    ICCID: 8944122550015945692
    Activated: true
    Factory Unlocked: false
    iOS: 7.1
    First Activation Date: 24/09/13
    Last Activation Date: 28/03/14
    Mac Address: 18AF61CF5346
    Initial Activation Policy Description: UK Reseller Flex Policy
    Next Tether Policy Details Description: UK TMobile Orange.
    Coverage Start: 24/09/13
    Coverage End: 23/09/14
    Registration Date: 24/09/13
    Purchase Date: 24/09/13
    Purchase Country: United Kingdom

    IMEIUnlockPro Dev Team

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  27. can you unlock this phone ?

    2 out of 0 - 5
  28. hi
    i would like to officialy unlock my iphone 5 s
    this is my imei as it is locked and no one even the company i bought it from didnt unlock it

    5 out of 0 - 5

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