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Blacklist iPhone IMEI Checker via IMEI Code

There are a lot of users who are unsure whether their iPhone is blacklisted, clean or blocked. So if you are willing to find out then this site is just for you. You have probably experienced it on first hand that when you have an iPhone which is reported as stolen, lost barred or it is with blocked IMEI then it is very difficult or almost impossible to unlock it. But with the service that we offer you can have your iPhone with Blocked IMEI safely unlocked. Note that this service is strictly for unlocking blocked IMEI iPhone and not for clean IMEI so please do not order unlock of clean IMEI because this is the kind of service that does not give refunds.

In many countries there are a lot of iPhone devices that are blacklisted. If you own a blacklisted iPhone then that means that you cannot use your device as a phone or in other words you cannot make calls, send SMS or even connect to the internet because the network carrier to which the device is locked to is blocking them. A while ago it was very difficult to unlock such a device but now with our latest service we guarantee you that we can unlock your blocked IMEI iPhone and thus enable you to use them on any network operator you like.

iPhone Blacklist Checker service

Blacklist Checker for iPhone is very easy to use. You only need to follow our instructions and you will have your device unlocked in very short period of time:

  • Find out your IMEI code by typing *#06# or go to General-Settings-About.
  • When you make your order provide your IMEI code and your email address.
  • Click on Check NOW.
  • Proceed to payment method (we use PayPal as basic payment method but we can also use other methods so if you don’t have PayPal select I don’t have PayPal).
  • Once the transaction is complete we will start working on your iPhone and we will send you the results as soon as possible.

Once we complete the service we will send you your results which will say Clean or Blocked. If you want to know more about us, you need help or assistance or you have new ideas or remarks please contact us, we are available 24/7.


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